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I started travelling after Berlin Wall felt and us, people of countries in central Europe, gained freedom to travel. There was freedom, but no cash. In the middle of nineties, the average monthly salary in my home Slovakia was a bit more than 100$ a month. Return flight ticket to Africa costed as much as half year salary. So we went on hitchhiking and backpacking with 10$ a day budget. Those times were beautiful.

The travel winds took me to hitchhike and travel by local transport thru Africa, Asia and South America.

20 years later the world is closer than ever, thanks to low cost airlines. And thanks to a few reformers that turned my good home country into local economic tiger, salaries increased more than 10-fold over those 2 decades. And so I continue traveling, with my wife and kinds.

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Roland Vízner

Roland Vízner

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Viktoria Mineralova

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