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Andaman Islands

Welcome to our Andaman Islands Guide book. Read the truth and discover how paradise islands require getting thru a bit of hell in our free guidebook and travelogue.

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Tips and recommendations

Tips and tricks section follows the path of traveller seaching for the best ideas and hints where the best places are, what the best timing is to visit, where to change money or book transport. Countries covered are India, Maldives, Jordan and Morocco. The list will keep growing 🙂

Meghalaya root bridges

Bees provide us with honey, cows give us milk. However, did you hear of trees sowing brigdes for people? Check 3 detailed articles about the mind-blowing Indian state of Meghalaya. Place where the cooperation of human and nature creates the living root bridges.


Jordan - the country with exciting ruins from Nabatean, Roman and crusader times mixed with two seas and Mars-like desert scenery. Get to know Jordan's highlights, facts about transport, food and a special section on "How to get Jordan Visa for free" and where to change money for local currency.


Coral atolls with white sand beaches and amazing with underwater life. See our 3 articles about the Maldives full with ideas about planning your trip, transport and accommodation on the archipelago.

Travelling with kids

Andaman Islands

Travelling with kids section is being prepared.

Stay tuned

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