Hawksbill Nest – best place to stay on Middle Andaman

Hello and welcome to Hawks Bill Nest Resort

Dear Traveler, thank you for visiting our web page. It will be our pleasure to welcome you as guest in Hawks Bill Nest Resort in the Middle Andaman Island.

We offer you

If you are a travelling couple or a family, if you just stop over for a night or you plan to explore Dhaninallah area for longer, we have something for everyone.

Hawks Bill Nest Resort accommodation:

  • Double bed rooms with attached bathroom and balcony.
    Sleeping places for 2 plus possible extra bed
  • Newly built Executive Suit
Hawks Bill Nest near Rangat

Hawks Bill Nest near Rangat

More services for our guests

Parking - free

Breakfast served in the restaurant
Lunch or dinner - we are able to offer you our freshly cooked Indian food as well as western dishes. Lunch or dinner  we serve in our restaurant. 

Dear guest, please note that we are located in remote area and the menu depends on our stock and market availability of supplies. Therefore please order your food well ahead and please accept our apologies if some of the menu items are no available every day.

Double Room in Hawksbill Nest

Double Room in Hawks Bill Nest

Tours and travel information 

Our staff is happy to provide you with all necessary information about highlights easily reachable from Hawksbill Nest: Dhaninallah mangrove walkway and turtle nesting beach, Moricedera beach and nearby waterfall.

Restaurant at Hawks Bill Nest

Restaurant at Hawks Bill Nest

Location and how to find Hawksbill Nest

Hawks Bill Nest resort (On some maps also as Hawksbill Nest) is located right next to the Great Andaman trunk road,  in area called RRO (read "Araro"). We are 19 km away from Rangat, and 2km from the must see Dhani Nallah Mangrove Walkway (Dhaninallah or Dhanih Nallah on some maps) a fantastic turtle nesting Dhani Nallah beach. Click here to display map

Public bus is the cheapest and reasonably convenient way to reach Hawksbill Nest. Port Blair to Diglipur / Mayabunder busses pass by Hawksbill Nest, as well as local Rangat - Mayabunder busses. In total there are about 12 buses passing by daily. You can read more in-depth information about bus connections in Andaman Islands here.

There is a small fishing village in front of the resort and a few shops selling only very basic supplies.


Shower at Hawks Bill Nest, double room

Shower at Hawks Bill Nest, double room

EagleFLyFree.com team in Hawksbill Nest restaurant

EagleFLyFree.com team in Hawksbill Nest restaurant

Why is Hawks Bill featured on Eagle Fly Free?

While we rarely pick and recommend specific accommodations or restaurants, I believe Hawks Bill resort deserves it. We have spent here 3 nights and it is the best value for money accommodation on Middle Andaman island. 

Hawksbill nest  is also conveniently located to break the arduous 13  hour bus journey between Port Blair and Diglipur into half, making it a welcome stop in interesting area.

I guess it would be worth 3*** rating. Highlights of the area worth spending some 2-3 nights in Hawksbill nest resort.  EagleFlyFree.com team has spent here 3 nights. 2 on the way up to the north and one on the way back south.

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Andaman Islands Guidebook

Click below to see our guidebook full with useful, first hand information:

Book or contact Hawksbill Nest directly

Phone (03192) 279159

Information and phone booking TOURIST INFORMATION COUNTER PORT BLAIR  (03192) 232694 or 232747

Online booking https://www.andamantourism.gov.in/etourist/index.php/home

  1. Avoid 13 bus journey from Port Blair toDiglipur and have a break in this great place. It is 2 km walking distance to Dhaninallah Mangroves. Rooms are air-conditioned and have hot water.b

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