Serene Homestay – best place to stay near Double Decker

Welcome to Serene Homestay, by Double Decker root bridge, Nongriat

Dear Traveller, thank you for visiting our Serene Homestay web page. It will be our pleasure to welcome you as a guest in our guesthouse. We hope you will become part of our family for a few days at least.

Serene Homestay is located in Nongriat, 2 minutes walk from the incredible Double Decker root bridge. If you want to catch the sunrise at Double Decker there is no better place to stay than Nongriat.

Serene homestay accommodation

If you are a travelling solo, in a couple or a family, if you just stop over for a night or you plan to stay in Nongriat for longer, we have something for everyone:

  • 5 double rooms
  • 3 triple bedrooms
  • Two dormitories
    Sleeping places for 6 in each dormitory room
Serene Homestay, Nongriat

Serene Homestay, Nongriat

Our accommodation is divided in 3 floors with toilets, hot water showers and lounge available in each floor. Price for your stay is Rs. 500 per person per night in the rooms and Rs. 400 per person per night in the dormitories

More services for Serene Homestay guests

Breakfast, lunch or dinner - we are able to offer you our home cooked food. As we live far from "civilization" our food is simple and we use locally grown products.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner we serve in the restaurant room. Dinner is served as buffet dinner.

Information center - want to know how to reach waterfalls and root bridges in the area or where to buy organic honey? For free advice, please ask at our information center.

Breakfast at Serene Homestay near Double Decker

Breakfast near Double Decker

How to reach Serene Homestay, Nongriat

To reach Nongriat, you need to head for Cherapunjee and then for Tyrna village. As public transport is scarce on this route, most visitors charter a taxi from Shillong. However, there are shared jeeps from Shillong to Cherra Punjee, then to Tyrna and vice versa. Direct shared jeeps from Shillong to Tyrna leave at 2:00 -2:30 PM from the 1st parking lot (Bara bazaar) and Tyrna to Shillong at 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Please refer to Travel guide to Meghalaya root bridges for details of How to travel in the area and how to reach us.

From Tyrna a spectacular downhill trek will bring you to Nongriat within 2 hours. But do not rush it, there is so much to enjoy on the way.


Serene Homestay, Shower with hot water :) Nongriat style

Shower with hot water 🙂 Nongriat style


NONGRIAT AREA MAP Data (C) 2019 Google

Contact Serene Homestay

Want to book now? Have a question? Planning to visit Nongriat?

Contact us by email at [email protected] or call or WhatsApp +91 8787 57 0552

(Email works better for booking request.)

What do the travelers say about Serene Homestay, Nongrirat?

Roland, Slovakia

Amazing effort by Byron's family must be behind building this house away from civilization. Just think that each brick, brick by brick, was brought here by foot, along the 3000+ stairways from Tyrna. Some people would say that Serene Home-stay has "basic amenities", I will say it has amazing hot showers, toilets, comfortable beds that are normally unheard of at such remote places.

Viktoria, Ukraine

Surely the best place to stay near Double Decker root bridge. This area is only reachable by half of day trek so any supplies that are delivered here are delivered on foot. Being in such a remote environment Mr. Byron and his family are doing a great job to provide travelers home away from home. I give five stars, which are fully deserved.

Have you been to Serene Homestay? What is your experience with Serene home stay. Add your comment below. Thank you.

Serene Homestay Nongriat triple room

Serene Homestay Nongriat triple room

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  1. Perfect location with Double Decker living root bridge in the backyard. Ideal if you want to catch a sunrise at Double Decker. Tasty home cooked food made with localy grown vegetables. Thanks Byron and family for your hospitality.

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